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US peace plan: Trump's lifeline for Netanyahu

US peace plan: Trump's lifeline for Netanyahu
Deal of Century ‘suspiciously timed’ to coincide with Knesset vote on possible immunity for Israeli PM in three graft cases

By Nour Abu Aisha

GAZA CITY, Palestine (AA) - Palestinian political analysts say that U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement of a Middle East peace plan will serve as a lifeline for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The plan, dubbed "the Deal of the Century," is expected to be revealed this week and would come as the Israeli Knesset votes on possible immunity for Netanyahu in three graft cases.

"The timing is suspicious," Palestinian writer and political analyst Wadih Abunassar told Anadolu Agency.

"It comes in parallel with the start of the Knesset sessions to decide on Netanyahu's immunity.

"Trump wants to help Netanyahu and help himself, to show the extreme right in the United States that he is c